English Books

This is a good start for your GIS reading books that you need in daily work, to increase the skills and learn more about the new technologies of Geographic Information System, and related topics, Click of below link for browsing and downloading:

GIS Integration with Health:
Browse the link of The GIS in the Sciences Engineering of Medicine site and search for the GIS word, and you can download huge number of GIS free Book.

…This is a good book for the Projections from USGS:

Map projections are so important for the GIS Users and this book manual a good start for understanding the way it works: The Map projections: A working Manual. Many other books will be available soon for Map Projections.

Another good book for the Principals of GIS and how to have a good start with:
Fundamentals of GIS Application with ArcGIS.

GIS An Introduction 2nd Ed
Direct Link: رابط مباشر

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